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HCTV Broadcast Schedule - September 28 - October 4, 2020

Our Programing can be viewed on this page as well as a Higley Center Facebook Live or YouTube Live Broadcast.

Crash Landings

hosted by the Higley Center Tech Staff

The adventure continues in the world of Virtual Reality.  Also Mr. Kazoo does his best to play some of the greatest music of all time.  The Higley Center Tech Staff is working hard to entertain you or make you cry.  We are not quite sure which.  Tune in Tuesday evening at 7:00pm to see what the Higley Center Tech staff is up to this week.

Tuesday - 7:00pm





with host Bob Zucker

 with Special Guests

Gilbert Mayor Scott Anderson

Mayor Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson was elected to the Town Council in 2016 and is currently serving as Mayor. He has been involved in the planning and development of Gilbert as a staff member since moving here in 1988

The founding father of the Gilbert Riparian Preserve, it was his idea to transform a waste water treatment site from simple water recharge into a national award winning project that has become one of the most popular visitor destinations in the state.


Gilbert Town Councilmember Kathy Tilque

Councilmember Kathy Tilque

Kathy Tilque served as the President/CEO of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce for 24-years, retiring on June 30, 2020, after celebrating 32-years in the Chamber industry. She is a graduate of Class I and a founding member of the Gilbert Leadership program. 


Thursday - 7:00pm

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